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News from Castagna

Castagna Amara’s Xmas

Here at Castagna Amara we are packing and bending up like in Santa’s workshop. Christmas packages, small and large, containing the preserves and jams we have prepared this summer with the harvest of our garden and our orchard. We have tomato sauces, gurkens, and extra jams, all fruit and good extras.

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And ‘Spring has come also the Castagna Amara. Our new orchard has passed its first winter unscathed. The flowers are there. Hopefully soon the fruits.

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Walnuts Bread

Perfect for breakfast or as a snack to carry around during a walk, with fresh herb cheese. The rising time of the mix is ​​only 15 minutes, to even 20 baking: the bread is ready immediately. Ingredients: 250 ml of whole milk 7 grams (one packet) of brewer’s yeast in dehydrated 2 tablespoons honey 200 […]

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Candied Cherries

Stone the cherries. In a pan put the butter, sugar and cook until the sugar has caramelized. Add the cherries and stir for a few minutes then pour the orange juice and kirsch. Cook for a few minutes then pour it over ice cream in four individual bowls. Serve immediately.

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Make garlands today. Get lots of leaves of different sizes: with a wire trapassatele the center and create a long garland. You can intersperse with the dried pine cones and red berries to give more color and vibrancy to your wreath.

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