"Castagna Amara" is a big old horse chestnut, and a small family-run farm.
The horse chestnut was already there, much before it was built this house, and its branches would climb our father, and so did we.
There is still the horse chestnut, last summer a tornado has some 'disheveled, but it is always in its place, at the bottom of the orchard we just planted.
At Chestnut Amara we grow blackberries and raspberries, have a vegetable garden and an orchard, a vineyard and an olive grove, an open meadow of the valley and a porch where to look for the shade in the hottest days.
In the house the family memories, the fireplaces and the kitchen with a wood stove make economic tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. In the rooms every object, recovered from old family furniture, lamps, bedside tables and paintings, was chosen to build a space that even with the comfort presents a unique experience.